• The cockroach kill

    The cockroach kill

  • Mosquito and fly density monitoring

    Mosquito and fly density monitoring

  • Property smoke elimination

    Property smoke elimination

  • Rodent density monitoring

    Rodent density monitoring

  • Sewer smoke dissipates

    Sewer smoke dissipates

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  • Hazardous chemical licenses
  • Class A qualification certificate for pest control
  • Membership card of China health pest control association

Are you worried about the problem with insects and mice?

Pest complaints, your customer satisfaction is declining?
Rats, can't report to the company every month?
Rats damage your strong and weak electricity system, seriously affecting the work efficiency?
Increased pest activity, your food safety risks are increasing?
HACCP, AIB, GMP, YUM and other certification work are difficult to pass due to pest problems?
Choosing a non-professional de-worming company, a lot of trouble?
Pest Solution Provider in the Kang Jie Environmental Professional Market

Kang Jie environment brings you a new solution

Customer purpose

Traditional killing:For the purpose of killing pests

IPM:To prevent pest invasion and control risks

make plan

Traditional killing:Idiom, empty theory preaching

IPM:Tailor-made exclusive service plan based on your site and actual needs

Way of governance

Traditional killing:Single or excessive dependence on chemicals

IPM:Focus on strengthening the construction of environmental management and security systems to eliminate the risk sources of pest breeding

Insect monitoring

Traditional killing:Ignore the impact of the season and the environment on the insect situation

IPM:Pay attention to the biological laws of pests and the characteristics of the site environment, and have professional analysis reports.

Service cycle

Traditional killing:Focus on handling pests

IPM:Establish a long-term system, conduct regular inspections, and emphasize pre-judgment and correction of pests

way of participation

Traditional killing:Insect control company unilateral self-enforcement

IPM:Cooperate with customers and train and guide the personnel of the client in a timely manner

Product Category

3Reasons to choose Kangjie Environmental Engineering

  • 01

    Environmentally safe products, safe construction system [safety protection]

    Uniform treatment uses nationally certified low-toxic or even non-toxic products to protect your safety.Reasonable medication = effectiveness of the drug + minimal human harm

  • 02

    Foreign imported medical equipment, testing tools are available [medical machinery protection]

    Imported medical equipment from Bayer, Germany, the largest partner of Colin AilThe quality testing equipment is fully equipped, and the laser particle size analyzer and other important testing tools are complete.

  • 03

    Expert on-site service, perfect after-sales service system [service guarantee]

    Respond quickly to your needs within 24 hours, free pest identification and density monitoring
    Provide professional guidance and knowledge lectures to customers free of charge, and strengthen customer awareness of pest control.


Dedicated to serve you, let you stay away from pests!

success case

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  • 14 Solution experience
  • 98 customer satisfaction




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